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Terms & Conditions for all stove sales and installation.


Quoting for your installations free & carried out in good faith: When we come out to you or quote from images you have sent, we only do a brief visual inspection from ground level of the chimney stack and terminal. We have not inspected your entire flue, chimney stack or installation for faults. On the day of your installation the installer will inspect the top of the chimney stack for soundness and weather tightness. If any remedial works need to take place you will be shown pictures taken by the installer and explained what needs doing. You will have to bear the cost of any remedial works; the installer will quote if its within his remit or advise you who can do the works.

Pre-installation sweep & CCTV inspection. You will need to arrange this before the day of your installation, you can use our services to do this for you, or you can arrange this with a competent sweep who must leave a written report. We charge an additional cost of £70 for this service. The flue that the chimney liner is installed into needs to be sound throughout its length. As a chimney liner is only temporary and is designed to last the life of your new stove, should it fail for any reason your existing flue needs to safely contain the products of combustion until the fire in your stove goes out. A pre-installation sweep is a lot more thorough than a normal sweep. This is to make sure that there are no deposits left in your old flue such as tar or nesting material that the new liner could touch and ignite.  Its also to make sure there are no obstructions that will stop or damage the new liner when it is installed. It also helps enable us to see any faults in your flue with the CCTV camera. You will have to bear the cost of any remedial works if they are required such as breaking into the the flue to clear a blockage. Our sweep or installer will quote for this if its within their remit or advise you who can do the works.

Deposit. You will be required to pay a deposit. This secures you a set date in the diary and covers the cost of ordering your stove, labour for lost work on your diary date and materials. We call this 'Deposit on stove'. If you cancel a booking after payment of a deposit, the deposit will be forfeited to Country Stoves to reimburse our service costs of processing your booking, stove, labour for lost work and materials. If you fail to make a deposit on a provisional booking, that booking will be cancelled and no work will be started.

Weather. If weather conditions are bad on your diary date, we reserve the right to cancel and reschedule it.

Payment Invoice. This invoice to be paid on completion of goods and work carried out unless otherwise stated. The invoice is split into two parts. You will pay Country Stoves of Sibsey for the appliance and parts only. You will pay Lincolnshire Stove Company for the installation, commissioning, and notification (HETAS sign off) of the appliance.

Queries or complaints. Should you have any issues relating to HETAS sign off or issues with the operation of the appliance please contact in the first instance the installers Lincolnshire Stove Company 07501 017702 dannymustill@hotmail.co.uk. We try to respond in normal working hours. Email is the preferred method as we may be away from the business. If we need to come out to you, we will try and book a time that is convenient for both parties.

Queries or complaints. Should you have any issues relating to booking or any potential warranty claims for the appliance please contact in the first instance County Stoves of Sibsey 01205 751133 stoves.sweeps@gmail.com. We try to respond in normal working hours, email is the preferred method as we may be away from the business and phone. If we need to come out to you, we will try and book a time that is convenient for both parties.



These terms & conditions cover all quotes for our package deals below.


Chimney Liner Installation Pack.

Stainless steel pot hanging bird & rain guard this supports the chimney liner. Chimney liner up to 9 meters of 316L grade stainless. Stainless steel male adaptor. To connect the chimney liner to the stove pipe. Matt black stove pipe. Galvanised plate to close off the void at the base of the flue. Sealant, paint, and fire cement for spraying the closer plate to match the stove and to seal all the joints. Carbon monoxide alarm. Air vent if required.


Your installation will be signed off through HETAS to notify the local authority.


Jobs requiring more than 9 meters of liner will be quoted separately.

Installation of the Stove and chimney liner pack into your existing Fireplace and chimney. The fireplace must be ready for the stove to be installed. Building work & alterations are not included in the price. We can do the work at extra cost if you would like us to or you can use your own builder

The installation of the chimney liner must be done off our own access equipment. If you have difficult access to your chimney, you will be advised of the extra cost and what is needed. We do 90% of jobs with our own access equipment.

Free site survey to make sure the Stove & Fireplace are suitable. If additional parts are required, you will be notified at this point and advised of the additional price. Sometimes we need bends or a Tee off the back of the stove to get into the flue. Bends & Tee's are an additional £100. All extra parts are supplied at cost to you.

HETAS certificate sign off through building control. Notice plate & CO alarm. You must have these by law.

In addition to the prices below you can upgrade you chimney liner to 904L grade stainless steel. This liner is better suited to smokeless fuels & wood. The 316L liner is better for mainly wood burning and some smokeless fuel. Call us for price options.

Your chimney can also be insulated in addition to the package price. That is the space between your old chimney flu and the new liner to help keep it warm. Not all flues need it, that is why its optional. This can be discussed on the site survey.



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