We have been offering our services in and around the Boston area for over 20 years. We offer a large range for Multi-Fuel and Wood burning Stoves. HETAS approved for installation. NVQ & HETAS approved for sweeping.

We offer full service and back up for the life of your appliance .

HETAS approved for Installation ,  HETAS & NVQ approved for Sweeping.

All stove installations signed off through HETAS

Certificate issued with every chimney sweep or stove service for your insurance and peace of mind.

  • Free quotations
  • Stoves supplied and fitted
  • Save with our Stove &  Installation package deals.
  • HETAS Approved Installer Danny Mustill.
  • Stuart Beagles & Danny Mustill are HETAS/NVQ qualified for Chimney Sweeping.
  • Woodburner/Multi-Fuel Stove servicing
  • Stove safety checks, CCTV Service & Maintenance (door ropes, fire bricks & parts fitted)
  • Chimney lining
  • Twin wall prefabricated chimney systems.
  • Bird guard supplied and fitted

£50 Routine or annual Chimney Sweep, routine safety checks and service requirements advised. Terms & Conditions. Sweeping

Good when you know the history of your appliance and it is working safely.  Or it has a HETAS certificate / Building Control sign off.

£70 Routine or annual Chimney Sweep plus ‘Look & See’ CCTV inspection of the flue ways (not recorded). Routine safety checks and service requirements advised. Terms & Conditions. Sweeping

Recommended when you know the history but your chimney/flue but is getting old, you have not used it for a long period or had a chimney fire. Also, good if you have just moved in and have been given a HETAS certificate / Building control sign off and want to check the condition of the flue before using it.

£125 Full Homeowner Safety Check. Terms & Conditions. Sweeping

This is ideal for those who have moved into a new property with an existing fireplace or stove/Woodburners with little or no recorded history of its installation/usage.

Your chimney will be swept. CCTV inspection. 35 checks where applicable will be done to evaluate your installation to building regulations Document J.

Tests and a report will be provided covering, Risk Assessment, Spillage & Smoke Test, Flue Draught Check, Visual Checks, User Information and Remedial Notice along with pictures from the CCTV inspection if required.

£70 Pre-installation sweep & CCTV inspection. Terms & Conditions. Sweeping

You will need to arrange this before the day of your installation, you can use our services, or you can arrange this with a competent sweep who must leave a written report. We charge an additional cost for this service. The flue that the chimney liner will be installed into needs to be sound throughout its length. A chimney liner is only temporary and is designed to last the life of your new appliance. Should it fail for any reason, your existing flue needs to safely contain the products of combustion until the fire in your appliance goes out. A pre-installation sweep is a lot more intense than a normal sweep. This is to make sure that there are no deposits left in your old flue such as tar or nesting material that the new liner could touch and ignite. It’s also to make sure there are no obstructions that will stop or damage the new liner when it is installed. It also helps enable us to see any faults in your flue with the CCTV camera. You will have to bear the cost of any remedial works if they are required such as breaking into the flue to clear a blockage or making good breaches in the flue. Our sweep or installer will quote for this if its within their remit or advise you who can do the works.

£99 Jackdaw nest removal. Terms & Conditions. Sweeping

Recommended that the room is emptied or everything covered as much as possible.

Home Owner Safety Check: Ideal if you have just purchased or moved into a new property and it has a Woodburner/Multi-Fuel stove or Open fire and have little history of its installation.

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