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Stuart Beagles Traditional & Power Sweep. Stove Sweeping Specialists, Expert in Open Fires & Inglenooks.

Kerry and I take great pride in what we do, and are always very mindful of your home. We work to set routines and follow the Hetas code of prictice. Here you will find a guide of what we do and how you can help us achieve this in your home and save time.

These preparation guidelines are designed to help us be as
efficient as possible in our work and to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • We always put down a floor runner inside the front door to wipe our feet on. If its a very wet day you can help by laying a trail of paper or sheets to the fire place. Particularly if you have light carpets.
  • The area in front of the fire place will be covered with a large Hearth Sheet to protect the floor and to give us a good wokring area. You can help by making sure this area is clear for us to work.
  • Please remove anything from the mantel and hearth area that will be in our way or is breakable or of value.
  • We will then bring in the industrial vacuum. Its very large and on a trolley, so you can help by clearing the way to the fire place.
  • Please clear the grate or stove fire box of any unburnt fuel. (most sweep's pet hate) Its okay to have a fire the night before, but please make sure there are no hot coals or wood left, as this will cause damage to the equipment.
  • When the brush passes through the pot it can take a lot of soot with it, and it some times comes down like black snow. If you have washing on the line I would bring it in before we start.

I started sweeping when I lived in Norfolk, then moved to Boston to set up business.

Solid fuel is now very popular again as Gas & Oil prices have gone up dramatically over the past few years, and as a result we have seen many chimney sweeps and installers jumping on the band wagon.

We have built up a long standing reputation in Lincolnshire, and by using us you can rest assure that you are having someone with expert knowledge and experience to look after your wooburning, multi fuel stove or open fire.

When we are out sweeping we see incorrect and bad installations on a weekly basis and stoves and liners that have been damaged due to the incorrect equipment being used.

If you are worried about your stove & installtion we can inspect it for with our CCTV equipment to make sure everthing is okay.

As we are HETAS approved sweeps & Installers we can take off stove pipes and re-seal pipes and connections on your stove or fireplace, that non - HETAS apporved sweeps are not allowed to do. We can re-rope your doors and fit new fire bricks for you as well.


The difference between Traditional & Power Sweeping

Stuart shows you what Traditional & Power sweeping is. This is an old stainless steel chimney liner that has been cut into sections. Power sweeping will not damage the liner at all, and is approved by chimney liner manufactures

We use Snaplock Power Sweeping System.

Here is a short video of Stuart showing the difference between Power Sweeping & Traditional Sweeping. Many people still think that power sweeping will damage a flue where a traditional brush and rod wouldn't.

Watch this and see what you think.

We use both Traditional and Powersweeping on a daily basis. Both do a very good job and we choose the correct method for your flue to do the best job.

We are the only HETAS Approved Sweep Technicians in he Boston Area.

We are also HETAS approved installers of stoves which means we can safely remove the parts to access the flue for sweeping and replace them.

  • Failure to do this correctly can result in carbon monoxide being released into the room.
  • We work with and specialise in many makes of stove. Woodwarm, Town & Country, Clock, Gallery,Clearview, Stovax and Charnwood to name a few.
  • By having your stoves serviced by a qualified Hetas appoved person annualy, will keep you guarantee's up to date.

Trust us with your stove

As we have been HETAS approved sweeps and installer for many years now. We can easily remove the parts in your stove to access the flue ways and check that all is in good working order.

We carry specialist equipment to deal with blockages in all types of stove flues and chimney systems.

You can trust that we have the correct equipment to sweep your stove without causing damage.

We get call outs every year to stoves where damage has been done because the incorrect equipment has been used.

Our CCTV inspection can quickly find problems within a flexile chimney liner fitted to a stove.

If you think you have a problem or are worried about your installation please give us a call to discuss the problem.


If you have spare parts, bricks, throat plate or door rope seals that need replacing, please tell Kerry when you book your sweep. We can then allow more time to fit these in our days schedual.

We carry the door rope seals for the stoves we sell on the van. If you have another make of stove, please order it from your stove manufactuer first.

Again please tell kerry at time of booking so we can allow more time to do this.

Kerry checking an under floor flue way

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